Today, we’re featuring some of CRT Labs’ favorite tech products, all of which cost less than $100. Tomorrow we’ll feature more gift-giving ideas that cost between $100 and $199, and after that we’ll help you bust the bank with stuff that costs more than $200 (but which is totally worth it).

(Note: we’ve provided the suggested retail price, but shop around and you’re sure to find some great deals.)

Gifts for under 100 dollars


  1. Hiku Shopping Button Did someone just eat the last Hot Pocket? The hand-held Hiku (normally $79; $49 holiday pricing) shopping button adds items to a shopping list by scanning barcodes or by listening to your voice. Consult the list on your Android or iPhone when you’re at the market.
  2. Roost Battery The Roost battery (MSRP $34.99) turns your “dumb” smoke alarm into a smart device, sending low battery alerts to you, and notifications to you (and others) if smoke is detected. Best of all (?) it can silence the alarm when you tell it you’ve only burned the toast.
  3. Parrot Flower Power Sensor Need a gift for a green-thumbed friend? The Parrot Flower Power sensor (MSRP $59) measures sunlight, temperature, fertilizer and moisture and sends an alert to your Android or iOS device when your plant needs some love and care.
  4. Cree Connected Dimmable Light Bulbs Is there someone on your list just getting interested in smart home technology? There are few more reasonably-priced ways to get into smart home technology than Cree connected light bulbs.