ces smart home floor
Every red dot is a smart home vendor on one floor of CES. Phew!

Hey. Happy New Year!

Anything happening in the world of smart home tech? No? Didn’t think so. 😛

So, until something does, we’re sending our Lead Lab Engineer, Chris Coté and Lab Engineer, Dave Conroy, to a small get together in Las Vegas called CES, which, if memory serves me, stands for Consumer Electronics Show. 😉

They’ll mingle with 180,000 plus of their closest friends and figure out what’s coming. Me? I’ll be in Chicago, posting what they find and running command. In order to prep for this, I’ve been reading ‘The Rough Riders’ by Theodore Roosevelt, as I believe I will need all my fortitude, courage and strength for the next three days in order to keep up.

teddy roosevelt rough rider
An approximation of how I’m dressed in Chicago CRTLabs.

Follow the hashtag #realtorces to keep up with us. If you have things you’d like them to see or find out more about, tweet us @CRTLabs and use the hashtag. Wish Chris and Dave good luck! You can follow them on their personal twitter handles as well. Chris is @entropealab and Dave is @conroydave. Good luck! Oh yes. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Coldwell Banker for the exhibitor passes they provided us as a sponsor of the show. Thank you to David Siroty and Athena Snow for making this happen. Follow their CEScapades here.