Dave's CES badge
Delayed flights? They can’t keep us from CES. Nuh uh.

Dave is already up to it with a photo stream. You can check out the photos as he takes them here.

Look at all the things.
I want all the things.

I’ll have more from Chris in a bit too. 🙂 Cool stuff coming!!

Follow the hashtag #realtorces to keep up with us. If you have things you’d like them to see or find out more about, tweet us @CRTLabs and use the hashtag. Wish Chris and Dave good luck! You can follow them on their personal twitter handles as well. Chris is @entropealab and Dave is @conroydave. Good luck! Oh yes. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Coldwell Banker for the exhibitor passes they provided us as a sponsor of the show. Thank you to David Siroty and Athena Snow for making this happen. Follow their CEScapades here.