Google's new competitor to the Amazon Echo...coming this fall.

Google’s new competitor to the Amazon Echo…coming this fall.

  1. Google Home Brings A Standalone Robot Assistant To Your Digs (Via TechInsider)
    We watched the Google I/O presentation yesterday looking for this device and Google brought it. There are a lot of questions around the features, but it seems like a good start for Google. The Home Hub will control smart home devices and allow you to query the web just like the Amazon Echo. The differentiator here is the tie ins to the Google Ecosystem. For instance, you can query about videos and have them streamed to your Chromecast-enabled TV. Google also says it has the most intelligent search for a smart hub. Very excited to play with this one. Check out the story on TechInsider.
  2. Belkin Wemo Switches get Nest integration (Via SlashGear)
    This is an interesting integration and adds to Nest’s list of ‘works with Nest’ devices. Belkin’s light switches and smart plugs can now be set to react to the Home/Away modes in Nest thermostats. So, for example, let’s say you’re leaving for work in the morning and have some lights on in the AM. Nest has a mode to detect when you are away. When it senses you are not home, it can now turn these lights off or on based on your preferences. This could be turned into a very low cost security system, where lights will stay on when you leave to give the appearance of being home. Belkin devices
  3. Unsticking the Stuck Smart Home (Via CRT Blogs (cough, cough)) Our very own Joe Sullivan was in a lather over a piece written by Recode about how the smart home was stuck. He wasn’t alone. We felt the piece was pretty general and cherry-picked a few things. I won’t spoil the fun. Joe does a great job explaining our thinking and our approach to this space. Check it out!!

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