you modo?

Memodo…do you modo?

Well, it’s a great time to be alive. I can draw on a gadget and have my lights go off. Or, I can toss a rock in a bowl and make my shades go down. OR! I can tell my desk to order spanakopita. But, how secure is all this? It’s a wondrous world. Read on and find out.

  1. A universal interface that you control by doodling (via FastCo Design)

    Drawit, a drawable user interface from Marc Exposito on Vimeo.
    Pretty cool looking stuff. I think this would get to be a little challenging after a while, but it fits in our mantra of zero ui. Devices responding to your touch on a screen. This reminds me of an MIT project, called Open Hybrid, that turned everyday objects into smart objects with a specific sticker attached to it. There was also a project that let you throw things in a bowl to have specific actions take place, called Memodo on FastCoDesign. The cool things about Memodo is you can assign different functions for your home to tokens, like, say, your keys. When you toss your keys in the bowl after arriving home, your smart lock on your door could lock. I like it.
  2. How voice interfaces are colonizing our lives, by the numbers (also via FastCoDesign)
    Great presentation by Mary Meeker at the Code Conference yesterday. Voice is definitely going to be huge. According to the article, Amazon has sold nearly 4 million Amazon Echos. We have phones with voice search and cars with voice. Heck, even desks (see #4). It makes sense as an interface as long as it hears you. My favorite fact is about the types of searches they predict will happen by 2020. Good read.

  3. Who owns the data from a smart home? Homeowner, device owner, or a third party? (via The Real Daily)
    Speaking of good reads (and not because we’re mentioned), The Real Daily has a good piece on smart homes and data ownership. This is a great question that we’re grappling with here. They discuss questions of privacy and security that are tough in a space with no standardization and products made by manufacturers who want to be first to market. Check it out!
  4. I have a desk I talk to. It’s name is Isabella. (via Me)
    It’s actually called the Autonomous Smart Desk with AI. We have some things to hash out with it, but I do like the price point for the basic desk, which has programmable settings and is very sturdy. It’s only $299! The AI desk can control different smart products and order you food, an Uber or play Spotify. I would wait a bit on the SmartDesk with AI, because, as I said, we have a few questions about it yet and are working to discuss with Autonomous. You can check out how the desk works here: