Earlier this year, we worked with the Online Trust Alliance to put together a Smart Home Checklist to use when buying or selling a home with smart devices. In support of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the OTA released an IoT Checklist to serve as a roadmap to helping consumers increase the privacy, safety, and security of their internet connected devices.

The IoT Checklist is intended to be used as a yearly audit of the connected devices a consumer owns. The OTA wants these types of checks to become routine, just like changing the batteries on a smoke detector. In their press release, the OTA expressed their “hopes that by having consumers play an active role in their smart device’s security and privacy, it will not only increase the security and privacy of those devices but also boost consumer confidence in them.” One of the biggest barriers to smart home adoption is privacy concerns, and by conducting a yearly check of devices and connectivity, consumer confidence will rise. “For the IoT to thrive in the long term, consumers will have to trust that their data and concerns about personal privacy are addressed, and OTA’s recommendations are a positive step to accomplishing this,” says Washington State Chief Privacy Officer Alex Alben.

For more information, or to download the IoT Checklist, visit otalliance.org/IoTconsumer.