las-vegas-udo-wolter-creative-commonsEchos in Vegas and Netflix with voice?? What’s this world coming to?

  1. ‘Alexa, open the blinds’: Virginia real estate firm to offer Amazon Alexa-enabled smart homes (via DigitalTrends)
    Brookfield Residential, based in Virginia, will become the first residential brokerage to offer fully outfitted smart homes with Amazon Echo integrations built in. From the article:

    What’s particularly interesting about Brookfield’s venture into Alexa-enabled homes is how simple it will be for families to adopt cutting-edge home automation technology. Instead of researching the ins and outs of various smart home gadgets and devices, Brookfield does all the work for them. Furthermore, integrating this smart home tech with Amazon’s Alexa not only makes it an easy transition but one which doesn’t require a steep learning curve for entry.

    I like this idea because it allows for what we’re calling the iterative smart home. Integrations are easy because of the work Amazon has done with its skills services. Kudos to Brookfield Residential!!!

  2. You can now control Netflix using Google Home (via TheVerge)
    I’m really excited to try this. With a Google Chromecast  ($35-70 tv dongle) and a Google Home, you can now access Netflix shows using only your voice. I love the idea of this. I can simply say, ‘Okay Google, play ‘The Gilmore Girls’ (or any show you’d like to watch) on Netflix’, and it will start it up using the Chromecast. The future, children…the future.
  3. Amazon Echo comes to every room in Wynn’s Las Vegas hotel (via Engadget)
    So, every room in the Wynn will have an Echo??? This means what happens in Vegas may get shipped to your house via Amazon Prime. I think this is very interesting. Room service, dry cleaning, off track bets (I kid). I think there’s a lot of potential here, but also, the mute button would come in handy for privacy.

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