Picture of a passport with tickets. Google home can now help you locate where you left things. Just tell it where you put it and it will hold onto the information.

OK Google, where’s my passport?

What if your smart devices can help you remember where you put things? Well now they can. Also, security is becoming increasingly important.

  1. Google Home Can Help You Find Misplaced Items (via lifehacker)
    In the voice assistant wars, Google just released what I think is my new favorite feature. The ability to remember where you’ve placed things. As an example, let’s say I put my keys on my dresser. I can tell Google where they are and then ask later where they are. So, I say, ‘OK Google, my keys are sitting on my dresser.’ The Google Home will repeat what I told it to show me it has captured what I said. Later, when I need my keys, I say, ‘OK Google, where are my keys?’ The Google Home will replay my answer. Pretty cool.
  2. Why Alexa Is Winning The Smart Home War (And What’s Next For Amazon’s Assistant) (via Wareable)
    As a counter to the Google Home above, Amazon is not to be outdone. Wareable says that they are in the lead and have the tools to keep them there for quite a while. They’re deployment base is larger and they have a very versatile API right now. What’s next for the Echo? Find out in this article.
  3. Security Is The Categorical Imperative Of The Internet Of Things (via readwrite)
    I don’t have anything to add to that. It’s extremely necessary that IoT companies start with security when building their products. We are pushing on this and consumers need to start demanding it as well.

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