The smart home market is an ever-evolving field, and part of our job at CRT Labs is to keep pace with technology in order to get REALTORS® and consumers up-to-date information about what’s latest, what’s greatest – and even what might be outdated. Two of our resources, a Smart Home Glossary and Smart Home/IoT FAQ, serve as one-stop shops with quick information about smart products, how they work, and some buzzwords you might hear in the industry. I recently updated the glossary to reflect the changing smart home market, adding entries for sensors (which are becoming ubiquitous in the field) and voice assistants.

With that in mind, I wanted to reach out to everyone when it comes to updating our Smart Home/IoT FAQ. This will be updated over the coming weeks, but I wanted to extend the opportunity for everyone to ask their burning smart home questions – some might even be included in the FAQ! What questions do you, or your clients, have about smart homes, and how can CRT Labs answer them for you? Comment on this post, shoot us an email, or tweet us with any of your smart home questions. And for lots more smart home information, check out our Smart Home Simplified series, which breaks down the different types of smart home devices you’re likely to encounter in the wild and discusses the pros and cons of each. You can even print out the Simplified pamphlets to use as educational handouts in your own business!