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      1. Google Lens allows users to use their phone’s camera to create contacts from business cards, learn about famous landmarks, and “make sense of the visual world.” Are you thinking “wow, that would be great for real estate?” The answer is yes.
      2. Learn more: Lifehacker has a brief how-to about Google Lens.
      3. Getting more unwelcome and annoying calls on your cell phone? We are too. Here’s what you can do about it.
      4. First Amazon bought smart doorbell company Ring; now they’re throwing a lot of support to smart thermostat company Ecobee. There’s a smart home battle that’s about to rage between Amazon and Google.
      5. 2018 will definitely be a breakout year for augmented reality (see the links about Google Lens above). Not only will it help people research and buy real estate, it will help them develop it.