Welcome to Five for Wednesday, CRT Labs’ long-running (since March 2014!) series of curated tech stories.


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      1. Rumors of foldable phones and tablets have been floating around for some time now. And while tons of things are patented that don’t wind up being built, we might see foldable form factors sooner than we thought.
      2. Smart watches can tap your wrist to, say, tell you to make a left-hand turn at the next stop light. But what if taps on your arm could “read” you your email?
      3. Estimates of the cost of cybercrime and cyberattacks reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars, which is why Microsoft President Brad Smith has started a “digital Geneva Convention.
      4. GrayKey is a device that can reportedly crack Apple device passwords fairly easily and quickly. Apple will most likely defeat this soon, but stories like this are always a good time to review your password practices. This article on GrayKey has some great security tips towards the end.
      5. If facial recognition has you a bit freaked out, you might not want to know that identifying faces from thermal imagery may be just around the corner.