Welcome to Five for Wednesday, CRT Labs’ long-running (since March 2014!) series of curated tech stories.


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      1. Last week we featured a Facebook-specific browser extension designed to protect your privacy; here’s a good list of some other privacy-minded extensions.
      2. Speaking of privacy, you probably know the European Union has some strict privacy rules (they’re far stricter than those in the States). It’s going to be interesting to watch if the gap widens, and if there are any ramifications for buying and selling real estate across international borders.
      3. Sadly, a lot of tech isn’t very environmentally friendly. One way to cut down on your carbon footprint: opt out of the every-two-year smart phone upgrade cycle.
      4. Some of the tech patents recently filed by Walmart are, well, pretty out there.
      5. If you’re looking for a full-home security system, CNET has some very nice things to say about this one.