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illustration of peeling off a sticker


      1. Those “warranty void if removed” stickers on your computers and other possessions don’t mean a thing, according to the FCC. The upshot’s not merely aesthetic: the FCC is reminding all of us that manufacturers cannot put repair restrictions on their products.
      2. Wallpaper that contains nanowires made from two substances can detect if your house is on fire. Wow.
      3. Lots of buyers choose to buy a particular house because of the near-by amenities. This company thinks locally sourced, year-round fresh produce is one of those amenities. (This author happens to agree.)
      4. Just because we carry miniature computers in our pockets doesn’t mean we sometimes don’t need to get into our home computers from afar. Here are three of the best ways to access a computer remotely.
      5. Google Pixel phones will soon be able to send spam calls to voicemail. (Other Android devices can already do this.) Find out more here.