neon sign spelling VPN

      1. More people are using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to stay safe online. If you’re interested in using one to protect your privacy, remember at the very least this one thing: a paid VPN is better than a free one.
      2. VPNs, part two: The Wirecutter has a great roundup of the best VPNs. Spoiler alert: there’s not a single free one on their list.
      3. Net neutrality has been given a second chance at life by the US Senate. If you’re still wondering if net neutrality is important for REALTORS®, take the time to watch this video. And if you’re moved to take action and tell your House representative what you think, here’s an easy way to do it.
      4. Yay, technology: an app for Microsoft’s Hololens combines 360-degree sound and its knowledge of where objects are to help blind people navigate through homes and buildings.
      5. Boo, technology: a marketing company in Philadelphia geofences hospital emergency rooms and sends targeted ads to patients inside.