illustration of pollution being erased from a city skyline

      1. Would you move to a city that is dedicated to sustainability, permits only electric cars, and reserves two-thirds of its land for parks and other green space? New Clark City in the Philippines plans to be exactly that.
      2. Love Twitter direct messages but worried about your privacy? Twitter appears ready to tackle encryption-friendly competitors such as Signal.
      3. Not all Internet of Things (Iot) devices provide a strong defense against hacking, so new products that warn you if your smart home has been compromised are really nice to see.
      4. Speaking of smart homes: smart switches are a great place to start, but there are some things you should know before you buy and install them. (You can also read our guide to smart switches, part of CRT Labs’ Smart Home Simplified series.)
      5. Lastly, Apple is getting serious with apps that share your location data with third-parties, removing them from the App Store and forcing companies to resubmit their apps for review after they’re brought into line with Apple’s policies.