inside of a shopping mall

  1. Last week, we looked one startup looking to create prefab housing inside of malls; this week, we’ve found another firm looking to turn malls into mini-cities. This would include housing for homeless in the community, as well as preserve the retail functions of the mall, provide job training, and more. The profits of some of the retail outlets within the mall would go towards the upkeep of the transitional housing.
  2. Rivian is a new company looking to break in to a market Tesla hasn’t yet – electric pickup trucks and SUVs. The company calls them “adventure vehicles,” and while they’re still two years from launching, they look to be incredibly promising.
  3. The buzzword in the Blockchain world we think will change real estate are “smart contracts,” programs that exist within the Blockchain to execute aspects of contracts. The MIT Technology Report is tracking development, and takes a look at where the technology stands today.
  4. If you’re looking for a longer read, this look at how Starbucks is partnering with Microsoft to create human-centered technology for their stores is a great look at how design and technology intersect with customer service and interaction.
  5. 802.11a, n, b, ax – what does it all mean? Ars Technica makes sense of the Wi-Fi alphabet soup.