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Welcome to Five for Wednesday, our weekly round-up of tech-focused news.

      1. While not yet in production, the existence of Samsung’s rumored foldable phone has been confirmed. What looks like a normally-sized Android phone unfolds to become a (roughly) 7-inch tablet. If this is done and received well, look for all sorts of experimental form features for phones in the coming months.
      2. Here’s a thorough review of Google’s Home Hub, right before the holidays 🙂
      3. If you’re a Google Maps user who’s always envied some of the features of Waze, these developments should make you happy.
      4. If your office has, or wants, to improve its green profile, here’s something to aspire to: the greenest office in the world.
      5. No REALTOR® if ever going to escape email, but here’s an interesting way to tame it.