Skype and PowerPoint Make Huge Accessibility Gains; Bose Enters the Augmented Reality Space; More in Five for Wednesday

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Welcome to Five for Wednesday, our weekly round-up of tech-focused news.

      1. Microsoft stalwarts Skype and PowerPoint are able to display captions and subtitles in real time, matching the capabilities of Google Slides and other applications. These changes are a huge win for deaf users and others with hearing loss.
      2. Bose’s new augmented reality (AR) glasses are audio-only, and the company suggests they will be useful for context-aware audio-based tours. Can anyone imagine a REALTOR® using these to supplement their presence during open houses and walkthroughs? We can.
      3. If using Amazon’s Alexa has become part of your daily routine, check out these 12 new things she can do.
      4. Volkswagen is the latest vehicle manufacturer that’s pumping the brakes on making cars with combustion engines. Electric cars are definitely in everyone’s futures.
      5. Lastly, a great article on the new crop of productivity apps (and suites of apps) competing to make your and your team’s work-life easier.