Special Report: Robots in Real Estate

Mike Simonsen, a good friend of mine and founder of Altos Research, recently hosted a great conversation about robots on his Facebook timeline. “In an effort to usher in the age of our robot overlords, I got a Roomba.”

We’ve all seen the Roomba. It’s that little robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your house while you’re at work. They can be quite effective…most of the time. Mike relates, “In today’s episode, the thing literally ejected its dustbin on one side of the bed and then meandered across the room, to absolutely devour a Mac power cord, where it lay, choking on its gluttony, until I finally discovered it this evening.”


A picture of a Roomba vacuum that has eaten a computer power cord

A hungry robot meets an unsuspecting power cord. Photo by Mike Simonsen


Robots are still pretty far from perfect, and even farther from becoming our “overlords,” but they have been getting more and more effective over time. Robots are often described as a piece of machinery that can be programmed by a computer to perform a complex set of actions. In the past, robots have been able to automate many process jobs where the actions to be performed are repeatable. However, with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robots are poised to impact many autonomous jobs, including many occupations in the real estate industry.

This report explores how advances in key technologies related to robots could impact the process of searching for a home.

Who is this report for?
While predicting what might happen in the future will always require some level of imagination, the impact of robots on the home search process will effect brokers, real estate agents, and any company buying, selling, or distributing Internet leads.

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