CES 2017 Round Up – Part 1: Watching the Smart Home Evolve

A flight home from CES 2017, credit reddit user fantomknight1

Very much like last year, the halls of CES 2017 were packed to the brim with smart home technology. Now although there were a few new products, the majority of vendors mainly showed off upgraded versions of their lights, lock, security cameras, switches and other smart home hardware. It seems the major smart home announcements at CES 2017 were about new integrations between existing products. This trend is a big win for the industry and consumers who are currently dealing with a fragmented user experience.


For the second year in a row, Amazon’s personal voice assistant has dominated the floors of CES. Without being present in any formal capacity, the personal assistant seemed to be absolutely everywhere. Most impressively, Alexa has broken free from just being a smart home product and is now showing up in nearly all industries at CES. Vendors are building their products with Alexa built in, negating the need for consumers to even own an Amazon Echo. For example, both Ford and Volkswagon announced that the virtual assistant will be coming to their connected cars to allow search, shopping, and smart home control while driving. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei is launching an android phone that will prominently feature Alexa. Lenovo has created two versions of their own personal assistant that has Alexa built-in . The standard – starting at $129.99, and the Harmon Kardon Edition, which offers better sound quality, starting at $179.99. (very comparable to the price of an actual amazon echo).

The number of applications (or skills) available in Amazon Alexa store is increasing at an incredible rate. With only 1,000 available last June, the store now hosts over 7,000 skills that allow you do to basic things like set timers and alarms, to ordering Uber’s or Lyft’s and checking wait times at airports.

Apple’s Homekit

While Apple Homekit seems to currently to be losing the integrations “arms race”, CES 2017 was still full of vendors announcing their HomeKit Enabled Devices. Integrations with Apple take longer for third party vendors as there is a strict set of hardware and software requirements Apple imposes before it will certify a product as HomeKit compatible.


  • Yale Real Living Assure Locks
  • Yale NexTouch Wireless Locks
  • Kwickset Premis smart lock


  • iDevices Instant Switch
  • Lifx Plus Smart Bulbs
  • Ring Floodlight Cam


  • Withings Home Plus
  • Fibaro Motion Sensor
  • Fibary Door/Window Sensor


  • Netatmo Smoke Alarm
  • Chamberline Smart Garage Opener
  • Fibaro Flood sensor


Lutron, one of the more established Smart Home Vendors in the industry has announced new integrations with Samsung SmartThings and additional features with Nest.

With SmartThings you will now be able to control your Lutron switches and shades alongside other compatible products from within the SmartThings mobile app. That’ll let you use things like Z-wave and ZigBee motion detectors to trigger your Lutron gear. This communication is not native to the Lutron Platform however and will require you to purchase an additional piece of hardware that works as a translating device. This hardware should be available early this year.

Lutron is has also added additional functionality to its Nest integrations. Previously, you were already able to trigger Lutron gear based on communications from the Google Company’s Learning Thermostat and Protect Smoke detector. Now they have also added Nest Cam support which is a great benefit to be able to control your indoor/outdoor lighting based on motion detected on your cameras.

Google Home

Being the new comer to this space, Google’s personal assistant platform remained relatively quiet this year with only a few announcements. Besides integrating with the familiar Belkin Wemo line, Google also announced partnership with another new comer to the space, the Nvidia Shield/Spot, a media streaming device with built in AI and smart home integrations.

As they open up more of their API and hardware vendors have more time to integrate, I imagine Google Home will be the one to watch at CES 2018.

Final Thoughts

All of these integrations show a maturing smart home industry, a welcome improvement over the fragmented marketplace that existed just a year ago. The fact that consumers will no longer necessarily be silo’d into smart home walled gardens should allow greater adoption of these devices. To learn more about CRT’s CES trip, please follow us on Facebook as we discuss our findings live on Friday afternoon. Please make sure to check back here as well next week for part two of this series, where I share the products that I am most excited about for 2017.

CRT Labs at the REALTORS® Conference and Expo 2016

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind as we shifted gears to get ready for the REALTORS® Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL. The whole gang is heading down to Florida to show off who we are and what we do, and we wanted to put our schedule up on the blog so you won’t miss a thing.


Speaking Events: We’ll kick off Friday with Chad speaking at the Property Management Forum from 10:30AM-12PM (all times Eastern) in the Orange County Convention Center West, Room W312 A. The forum will be discussing market segments and niches. On Saturday, Chad will speak to the Commercial Leadership Forum from 9-11AM in Orange County Convention Center West, Room W 206 A-C. Also on Saturday, Joe will be running the Emerging Business Technology Forum, where agents and brokers will talk about digital strategies. We’ll also be doing presentations in the Commercial Marketplace on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; look for Chris from 11-11:30AM Saturday, Dave from 11:30AM-12PM Sunday, and Joe from 11-11:30AM Monday to talk about how the Internet of Things can work for commercial real estate.


Facebook LiveWe’ll be going live from the expo floor Friday at our usual time to host our office hours from our booth. To watch live, check out our Facebook Page at 2PM; if you give a like on the page, you’ll be notified when we go live (this week and every other week). We’ll be showing off our booth, which is part of the REALTOR® Pavilion.


Booth #208: Our booth at the expo is our place to shine. We’re bring a bunch of smart home devices to demo, like the latest thermostats, locks, and cameras. We’re also going to be showing off some of our in-house projects, including our Rosetta Home software, Indoor Environment Quality sensors, a prototype for an app based on our Smart Home Checklist, and more. On top of all that, we’ll be raffling off 5 Amazon Echo Dots – you won’t want to miss out on that! We’ll also have a ton of stickers and buttons to give away, so make sure to come by this weekend to check it all out.

Green Pavilion: We’re proud to host coffee artist Michael Breach to the Green Pavilion on Sunday from 1-5PM. He’ll be making amazing latte art and whipping up delicious pick-me-ups (while supplies last). I’m hoping he’ll make me a Hamilton-ccino, personally.

A ton is going on in Florida this weekend – we hope to see you all there!

CRT Labs visits The Union League Boys & Girls Club

Two members of the Boys and Girls Club using a Kano Computer. To find out more about Kano, visit www.kano.com

Earlier this month, CRT Labs had the opportunity to visit the Miguel A. Barreto Boys & Girls Club in Chicago. For those of you who are not familiar with Boys & Girls clubs, they are an organization that offers youth a safe place to learn and grow. Programs offered focus on academic success, building character, and leading healthy lifestyles. The Barreto Club serves young people between the ages of 6 and 18, and the yearly membership is only $5. Fees are intentionally kept low so that all children in the community have an opportunity to join.

Since The National Association of REALTORS® announced their partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, CRT has been looking for a way to share our expertise in a way that would connect with the young club members. Utilizing specialized Kano Kits, the goal was to teach the children how to build a computer, learn what’s inside it, and experiment with writing some code. The children worked with some of the same Raspberry Pi hardware that we use in the labs. The ninety minute session was an incredible success, and we’d like to give a special thank you to Linette Stephens and Jeremy Murphy who helped coordinate the event. Please check out the photos below.

View post on imgur.com

The Barreto location is one of eight clubs operated by the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs. Opened in 1970, Barreto was rebuilt in 2003 at its original site located at 1214 North Washtenaw Avenue in Chicago. Donations can be made and allocated directly to the Union League Club, or any other Boys & Girls Club, on the National BCGA website, where all donations from REALTORS®, REALTOR® Associations and Firms are being collected. To learn more about the NAR/BGCA partnership, and how to get involved with your local Boys & Girls Club, visit www.realtor.org/BGCA. There you will find a Club locator, a toolkit, and hear how other REALTORS® and REALTORS® Associations and Firms have gotten involved with BGCA.

CRTLabs On the Road for April 2016 – Las Vegas, Utah, San Antonio & more!!

From Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/gcDwzUGuUoI

From Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/gcDwzUGuUoI

Part of our work at CRT takes us on the road several times a month. We are going to try to keep a better record of events we’re speaking at and events we’re attending. For this month, there are several events happening all over the country. If your association is interested in having us at an event, please feel free to reach out to us at info at crtlabs dot org. Thanks!

  1. Friday, 04/08Las Vegas, NV – Speaking at Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS – General Membership Meeting – Chad will be speaking on what’s coming in the not too distant future and what you can do to prepare yourself. All GLVAR members are welcome to attend!!
  2. Tuesday, 04/12Park City, UT – Speaking at Rocky Mountain Region 11 2016 ConferenceREGISTRATION CLOSES 04/04. Chad will be presenting on what CRTLabs is and what we’re doing to educate membership on smart home devices. What do these devices mean for the future of your business?
  3. Tuesday, 04/12Atlanta, GA – Working at 2016 RAMCO User Group Meeting – Dave is going to be working with RAMCO and teaching a seminar on RAMCO APIs. Dave is also happy to field any questions about what we are doing at CRTLabs. 🙂
  4. Tuesday, 04/12San Antonio, TX – Speaking at NAR TechEdge – San Antonio, TX – Joe Sullivan will be presenting on IoT (Internet of Things) and how it relates to your business. Joe will talk about what the future of these devices will look like as well. Zero UI and user experience will be covered in this talk.
  5. Tuesday, 4/19-4/21 – Chicago, IL – Speaking at RESO Spring ConferenceData standards galore for our industry!!! Chad & Chris will present on what CRTLabs is up to for the real estate industry. If you’re working with data in the RE industry, definitely become a member of RESO and come on over to this event! You can even squeeze in a visit to our labs. 🙂
  6. Friday, 04/22 – Omaha, NE – Speaking at REBarCampOmaha – Chad will be one of the featured speakers, covering what you can do to educate yourself on smart home tech and how you can help CRT test devices.
  7. Tuesday, 04/26-Friday, 04/29 – Los Angeles, CA – Attending T3 SummitChad will be attending the T3 Summit to spread our work on the smart home and IoT front, as well as renewables.

That’s it for this month. Next month? Midyear looms large! Will we see you there?

Chris’ Day 1 CES-capades

VW and the Coldwell Banker panel.
What do you think of this VW? I kinda like it.

Hey, are you up and looking at cool cars the day after your flight gets in at 3am? Nah. But Chris is, and he’s wasting no time with that camera. You can check out the photos as he takes them here.

faraday future
Here comes the future. It’s growling at you.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep it coming. Is there stuff you want to see? Write us at @CRTLabs with the hashtag #realtorces.

Follow the hashtag #realtorces to keep up with us. If you have things you’d like them to see or find out more about, tweet us @CRTLabs and use the hashtag. Wish Chris and Dave good luck! You can follow them on their personal twitter handles as well. Chris is @entropealab and Dave is @conroydave. Good luck! Oh yes. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Coldwell Banker for the exhibitor passes they provided us as a sponsor of the show. Thank you to David Siroty and Athena Snow for making this happen. Follow their CEScapades here.

Dave’s Day 1 CES-capades

Dave's CES badge
Delayed flights? They can’t keep us from CES. Nuh uh.

Dave is already up to it with a photo stream. You can check out the photos as he takes them here.

Look at all the things.
I want all the things.

I’ll have more from Chris in a bit too. 🙂 Cool stuff coming!!

Follow the hashtag #realtorces to keep up with us. If you have things you’d like them to see or find out more about, tweet us @CRTLabs and use the hashtag. Wish Chris and Dave good luck! You can follow them on their personal twitter handles as well. Chris is @entropealab and Dave is @conroydave. Good luck! Oh yes. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Coldwell Banker for the exhibitor passes they provided us as a sponsor of the show. Thank you to David Siroty and Athena Snow for making this happen. Follow their CEScapades here.