A Pocket Guide to Cleaner Air: Plants for Commercial Spaces


A Pocket Guide to Cleaner Air: Plants for Commercial Spaces is the first in a series of guides written to help REALTORS® lead the way in thinking about making our indoor spaces better places to live and work. The EPA estimates that we spend about 90% of our time indoors, but that the air inside is actually worse than the air outside due to high levels of CO2 and other gasses. Knowing how to mitigate these gasses before they cause health problems can help us all live better lives, and by adding just a few plants, we can be on our way to to a healthier lifestyle.

Commercial spaces often come with additional considerations, such as expenses and ease of care, as well as thinking about worker productivity and other business needs. We address these considerations specifically in Plants for Commercial Spaces, including care tips and information about how adding greenery can help workers focus, stay healthy, and stay productive.

Below is a preview. If you’d like to print this brochure, you may download it here. Please note 1) it is a very large file, and 2) you should select “two-sided printing” when printing the brochure.